Darcie - Beautifully Human


Story collectors: Amelia Burrows, 16 & Emma Neve, 15

Darcie Taylor is the World Team member and current British BMX Champ. She is 16, lives in Stourbridge and attends sixth form. At the age of 14 she was travelling the world riding for the Profile Racing World Factory team. She has taken part in the Colombia worlds and Italy Euros competitions. Her friends think that she is a beautiful human and decided to interview her so that she could share her incredible story.

How old were you when you started riding BMX’s?
“I was just five years old.”

How many times do you train a week?
“During training season almost every day. I go to the gym or the track and also do sprint sessions for one to two hours every day.”

What is your current title?
“British (one off race) and National (winner over a season) Champ.”

How did you get into it?
“My dad use to ride when he was younger, so got my brother Harley to do it. I then wanted to try it and I’ve enjoyed it ever since. I’m lucky enough to have parents and family like I do that support me in everything I do.”

What’s your most memorable moment?
“Becoming third in the world out of my age group, which took place over two weeks in Columbia.”

How many different countries have you raced in?
“Thirteen different countries including China and Australia.”

Do you meet new people through racing?
“For me riding bikes isn’t just about the competition element, it’s also about the people who you meet. I’ve made a lot of friends who live all over the world.”

What does it feel like at the start gate?
“Sometimes I feel nervous, there are eight of us usually racing, but I am ready and focused to start the race.”

If a young person was going to start a competitive sport, like BMXing, what would you say to them?
“I would tell them to have fun and to enjoy themselves! You don’t always have to take it so seriously, it’s more important to enjoy what you are doing.”

How long do you reckon you will carry on racing?
“I don’t know how long, it all depends on what I do with my future.”