Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing refers to the awareness and understanding a person has about their emotions and how well they are able to manage through different life events.

Your emotional wellbeing is about how you are feeling right now. Having good wellbeing can help you to feel and express a range of emotions. Good wellbeing can give you confidence, allow you to have good relationships with others and be able to adapt when things change.


Building and maintaining strong friendships is a cornerstone of emotional health. Genuine friendships offer a safe space to share thoughts, joys, and challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

Online safety

In today's digital landscape, online safety is paramount to protect yourself and your personal information. Creating strong, unique passwords for each account and avoiding suspicious links and attachments helps guard against phishing attempts. Adjusting privacy settings on social media and other platforms limits public visibility of your information. Secure your home Wi-Fi network and use public Wi-Fi cautiously, preferably with a virtual private network (VPN). Regularly update your operating system, antivirus software, and apps to patch security vulnerabilities.

Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is a vital aspect of overall health, encompassing our ability to understand, manage, and express our emotions effectively. It involves being aware of our feelings, both positive and negative, and finding healthy ways to cope with life's challenges. Developing emotional intelligence, which includes self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation, contributes significantly to emotional wellbeing.

Regulating your Emotions | Health for Teens

Project idea by DYHC

One highlight has been a project at Pegasus Academy that focused on isolation and loneliness. Our DYHC’s had noticed that several pupils seem to spend their breaktimes and lunchtimes alone and so the Lunch Lounge was born, a place to make new friends, connect with others, learn a news skill and grab a quick drink and a snack. Posters have been designed, alongside a power point presentation, highlighting the benefits of connection and friendship. The Pegasus cohort of DYHC’s set about learning how to do some basic craft and each of them now know how to make a mobile phone charm, a key charm, a football themed charm or a bracelet.
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