Environmental Health

Environmental Health connects to being aware of and understanding the impact of your interactions with nature and your personal environment. It also connects to knowing how to take action to preserve and protect our planet.

Environmental health is designed to improve the publics health and wellbeing. By looking after the health and safety of our environment we can ensure our mental well-being and physical health
remain intact.

Climate Action

Greenpeace - Greenpeace investigates, documents and exposes the causes of environmental destruction. We work to bring about change by lobbying, consumer pressure and mobilising members of the general public.  And we take peaceful direct action to protect our earth and promote solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Your Environment

In our everyday choices lies the power to nurture our planet's well-being. By conserving water, reducing energy consumption, and embracing eco-friendly transportation, we minimize our ecological footprint. Opting for locally sourced, organic foods and supporting community cleanups further enhance our impact. Through mindful decisions and shared responsibility, we can create a healthier environment, ensuring cleaner air, water, and surroundings for everyone.


Recycling is more than a task; it's a commitment to our planet's well-being. By sorting our waste into recyclables, we give used materials a chance for a new life. This simple act significantly reduces the strain on our environment, conserving energy and preserving resources.

Recycling lessens pollution, minimizes landfill waste, and fosters a sustainable cycle of reuse. By making recycling a daily habit, we actively participate in building a cleaner, healthier world for generations to come.

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