CHADD – On Route Foyer

6 Dixons Green Road, DY2 7DH
Phone: 01384 455646

On-Route Foyer provides a unique combination of accommodation where young people at various stages in their growth towards independence can access the resources of the Foyer or progress within it.

We work with young people aged 16 -25 years old to help them to achieve security and independence. As a member of the Foyer Federation On-Route Foyer is committed to supporting young people to access appropriate education, training and employment.

The objective of the service is to prepare and enable a young person to live independently in their own home and to successfully handle the responsibilities that entails.

The Foyer works with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Providing a safe, stimulating and supportive environment where they have the opportunity to develop skills for life including employability skills and making new friends along the way. Young people journey towards independence is supported by their youth mentor who will provide guidance and support for young people to reach their goals and aspirations.

Age Range:
  • 18 - 24

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